RE at Shevington is about addressing philosophical and ethical questions such as, ‘Do human beings have the right to end life?’ and, ‘Would a loving God allow suffering to take place?’. Students are asked to think and write about questions such as this from a variety of perspectives. The questions are often aimed towards current affairs and

world events, this enables our students to think deeply about and respect the world around them.

Students will follow the SAIL project during KS3.




Year 7
Year 7 students study philosophical questions and will discuss ethical issues throughout the year. They are encouraged to suggest their own answers to the big questions in life and consider a range of ideas from around the world. Students spend time engaging in discussions and debates and are encouraged to respect and learn from other people’s beliefs.


Year 8
Year 8 students tackle philosophical questions and ethical issues and consider a range of religious beliefs. They are encouraged to look at what is happening around the world and think about what they think would be the best outcome in a range of situations. Students build their debate skills in lesson and develop their writing to explain and discuss skills further.




GCSE students follow the AQA Religious Studies GCSE.  This includes the beliefs teachings and practices of Christianity and Islam, they also study the following units of work.


  • Theme A: Relationships and families.
  • Theme B: Religion and life.
  • Theme D: Religion, peace and conflict.
  • Theme E: Religion, crime and punishment.

The GCSE consists of 100% examination sample exam papers can be accessed here