Religious Education

Religious Education Curriculum

We believe that having a core knowledge of world beliefs and practices is crucial to the development and education of all young people.  Therefore we aim for our students to be able to confidently express their beliefs and values whilst respecting the religious and cultural differences which make up our diverse society in order to be able to contribute towards creating a more cohesive and understanding society.


Students are challenged with questions about belief, values, meaning, purpose and truth, enabling them to develop their own attitudes towards religious, world and ethical issues.  We aim for our students to be curious about the world and confident to raise questions about what is happening around them.


Teaching and Learning

RE at Shevington is about addressing philosophical and ethical questions such as, ‘Do human beings have the right to end life?’ and, ‘Would a loving God allow suffering to take place?’ Students are asked to think and write about questions such as this from a variety of perspectives.

The questions are often aimed towards current affairs and world events, this enables our students to think deeply about and respect the world around them.


Students are assessed in three main areas; factual knowledge, application of skills and extended writing. Assessments are built into each unit of work and have been designed to challenge all abilities and allow students to master key concepts

Year 7 1 hour per week

Year 8 1 hour per week

GCSE Options

Year 9 3hour per week

Year 10 3 hour per week

Year 11 3 hour per week



Mr Mackay – Head of Subject/ Religious Education Teacher