Computing Curriculum

Every Student will develop knowledge and understanding of a wide range of computing and ICT applications. Students will use numerous resources, including the latest software to develop skills and knowledge that will enable them to cope with the demands of and increasingly digital world. Through engaging, inclusive and enthusiastic approaches to all lessons, we aim to encourage all students to enjoy Computing and recognize its importance in the world.


Teaching and Learning

Computing is a successful, dynamic and forward thinking department where staff are committed to stretch our students understanding of Computer Science. Students will understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of Computing.


Students are assessed in a variety of different ways in Computing. Each unit is assessed looking at progression in practical skills together with problem solving and evaluation.


Year 7 1 hour per week

Year 8 1 hour per week

Year 9 1 hour per week

Year 9  1 hour per week

Year 9 1 hour per week

GCSE Options



Mrs M Storey – Head of Subject/Teacher of Computer Science

Mrs S Rashid – Teacher of Computer Science