Geography Curriculum

 The aim of Geography at Shevington High School is to allow students to experience the world as they have never seen it before. We do this through delivering a stimulating curriculum that is unique and challenging to every student. We want our students to develop a curiosity about their local and global communities and investigate how our actions can impact them in positive and negative ways. It is our goal to create global citizens who have a responsible attitude towards the world and who adopt a life-long learning approach using the transferable skills gained in geography throughout their lives.


Teaching and Learning

 You will travel the world from the classroom, exploring case studies in the UK, higher income countries, newly emerging economies and lower income countries. Topics of study include climate change, poverty, deprivation, global shift in economic power and the challenge of sustainable resources.

Geography is assessed in three principals-Knowledge tests, geographical skills and extended writing. Geographical skills are interwoven into all units of work in order to achieve mastery levels at KS4.


Year 7 2 hours per week

Year 8 1 hours per week

Year 9 2 hours per week

GCSE Options

Year 10 3 hours per week

Year 11 3 hours per week



Miss Lonsdale- Head of Subject

Ms McGonigle-Teacher of Geography