Shevington High School Operate a 1:1 Chromebook Scheme for Students giving families the option to lease/purchase a device from school.  Watch the video below to find out how we use Google and Chromebooks for Learning.


If you have previously purchased a device please find below useful information.

General Information

– A simple guide to opening up the school managed device for the first time: QUICK START GUIDE 

– The FAQ guide shared at the launch – FAQ

Chromebook Top Tips


  • Keep your device in it’s case. It will protect it if you accidently drop it and keeps your insurance valid.
  • Charge your device before you bring it to school.
  • Personalise your label. Make sure you can recognise your device.  Make sure you have your name visible.
  • Try to use it mainly for your school work.
  • Look after your device as you would with your mobile
  • Make it last. If you look after your device it should last for several years.
  • Keep your passwords safe.



  • Please ensure the device is kept in the case for insurance purposes.
  • The device should be fully charged before being brought into school.
  • If you have a warranty/fault or insurance claim contact Edde via:
  • Google Classroom/Teaching issues should be directed to your child’s Head of Year/Form Tutor/Class Teacher
  • Login issues please inform your child’s head of year or email [email protected]

Restrictions – Options

The Chromebook that has been provided will initially be added to the school domain and set up as a school managed device. Chromebooks can only be deprovisioned when fully paid.

Benefits for a managed school Chromebook:

– Pupils are familiar with how devices work as they use them in school
– Device is monitored and has a violation policy enforced
– Apps are controlled so more focus is on school work

Benefits/negatives for an un-managed Chromebook:

– You are free to do what you want at home
– You are not monitored or governed by schools policies
– Not violation monitoring which means you would have to monitor your child online
– No school support for issues that arise from suspect apps or configuration settings

If you would like to remove restrictions please email [email protected] with the following information.

Subject – Chromebook Restriction

Childs Name –

Childs D.O.B –

Childs Year Group –

And choose the relevant option from below –

A – Completely unrestricted as above. When in school the device will still have safety restrictions in place on the school network.  Students will be able to login using a personal account and be able to access unfiltered from home.
B – Managed by school in school and at home. Complete management by the school.  This includes safeguarding software tracking at home.
C – Restricted Monday – Friday 8.00am – 3.30pm (including school holidays) but open the rest of the time.  Safeguard tracking will be in place during these core hours.


This video describes the process if you’re device is unlocked:

Chromebook RESET Video Guide


Safeguarding, Internet Safety and Security

Via google classroom any students logging into their account will be monitored for violations and safeguarding.  Senso safeguarding software is designed to protect users from inappropriate content.  The school safeguarding and pastoral team will be made aware of any violations or worrying content access.  Any inappropriate content accessed by students using their school domain accounts will be monitored and reported using Senso.

If you have any concerns about your child’s internet use please contact the school and we will offer support.

Further information regarding e-safety is available on the school website –