The EBACC faculty is a diverse and vibrant ‘mélange’ of Languages and Humanities subjects; two crucially important areas for the modern secondary school!

The team consists of a team of 8 very passionate teachers with a wide range of skills and experience and includes, French, Spanish and Mandarin as well as History, Geography and RE.

The team is fully committed to educating the whole child and consists of highly skilled teachers who demonstrate a great deal of professionalism, passion for their subject and dedication to school life.

Mrs Hames, the Head of Faculty is also Assistant Headteacher and strives to provide all our pupils with the very best experience at Shevington and has a highly ambitious vision for an outstanding faculty.

We firmly believe that building relationships with our pupils is essential in supporting their success. This belief is supported by the wide range of extra-curricular curricular activities and trips which include Paris, berlin, Poland as well as trips in the local area.

Therefore please be assured that when pupils are in our subject areas, we are always seeking ways to develop children in the knowledge and skills to be amazing and successful in our subject but also be successful in the wider world!

The EBACC Team