The MFL department at SHS prides itself on lively and engaging lessons that are highly interactive and purposeful. Our philosophy is that in order to be a successful linguist, you have to first enjoy everything that learning a language has to offer and hence we strive to deliver excellent lessons so we can help develop our future linguists. MFL teachers at SHS are extremely passionate about languages and we are totally dedicated to equipping all our pupils with the skills to speak and understand, as well as write independently.
Languages currently taught are French, Spanish and Mandarin and there are opportunities for further language enrichment, in Italian or German, for example, at our successful ‘Polyglotz’ club after school. The department also runs an extremely popular annual trip to Paris!



Year 7
Year 7 pupils learn to talk all about themselves! They speak and write about their family, their home, their hobbies, their school, the weather, and their holiday plans. Pupils learn initially through games and interactive activities, varying between whole class and pair and group work. Pupils learn important language skills such telling the time and using a bilingual dictionary. Speaking is a major focus and paying particular attention to expressing opinions is the cornerstone of their learning at this stage.
Year 8
In Year 8 pupils begin to talk in the past tense and narrate tales of their weekend and their holiday. Their language becomes more complex as they develop longer sentences and paragraphs and are able to talk more confidently. Pupils begin exciting projects about fashion, shopping, and their home life and are progressively able to work more independently.
Year 9
In Year 9 pupils study learn to talk and write in detail on topics such as Home town, TV, Film and Cinema, Relationships and School. At this stage, pupils are able to work more independently by adapting language and using more complex sentences and also other tenses.


Year 10 & 11 Options (3 hours per week)

Pupils can opt for GCSE French or Spanish or both and follow the AQA full course. Pupils are assessed in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The speaking and writing is assessed through coursework and worth 30% each. Pupils are required to do 2 pieces of speaking and 2 of writing. The listening and reading involves a short exam at the end of the two year course and each are worth 20% each.
Pupils study topics relevant to their life and include Relationships, Hobbies, and Holidays, Healthy Lifestyles, Environment, Home life, School, Jobs, Pocket Money, Shopping and Future Plans.
Although pupils are able to work with greater independence at this stage, the interesting and varied activities and sharp pace are maintained to enable the very best learning outcomes for the pupils.

Exam Boards



Exam/Coursework Dates

  • Year 10 controlled speaking and writing as applicable, usually – November, February, June
  • Year 11 controlled speaking and writing as applicable, usually – October, December, March
  • Year 11 examination in Reading and Listening – June